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The Green Bean is pleased to offer trade to help make the world go round & recycle lovingly used family items.

We accept gently used clean items like: Books, shoes, cloth diapers, toys, games, trains, puzzles, vintage clothing and toys, baby carriers, seasonal swimwear and winter gear. We also accept clothing from Preemie – size 14kid.

Receive 40% of the resale value of selected items in STORE CREDIT. The Green Bean only offers store credit. Store credit does not expire and can be used on both New & Resale goods.


*All Items including clothes, toys, gear MUST be WASHED and CLEAN. The Green Bean does not have a washing facility.

*We do not accept items with stains, tears, holes, missing buttons or broken zippers.

*Any item requiring batteries must be in demonstratable working order.

*Please inflate any tires on bikes or strollers.

*We accept Fall/Winter items in September - February.

*We accept Spring/Summer items in March - August.

*NO car seats, bath tubs, breast pumps or bottles.

*1 bag per family, no larger than an Ikea bag or medium bin.

Call for an appointment: 323-739-0870